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Nothing but personal service for our life long customers!
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Mold Testing Service in Garden City

There's a lot of misconceptions about mold, making it a seem a more complicated subject than it really is. Mold is a fungus that's found almost everywhere. It originates outdoors, but can start to grow indoors under the right conditions. We breathe and touch mold every day, so it's impossible to live in a mold-free environment.

While mold is everywhere, it has a few survival tricks. Sometimes you cannot see or smell mold, but it's somewhere hidden in your space, causing damage. If you suspect you might have a mold issue, you should consider reaching out to Hippo Carpet Cleaning Garden City, a mold inspection service.

Nature Of Mold

Mold is usually harmless in low concentrations. It only causes problems when the mold spores accumulate in large quantities. However, the health risks vary from one person to another. It mostly depends on their sensitivity, age, length of exposure, and underlying health conditions.

After exposure to mold, sensitive people may develop; runny nose, skin itching, red, watery eyes, nasal congestion, and headaches. Those with weakened immune systems may develop opportunistic infections that can affect the lungs or skin.

While there are different types of molds, all have similar health effects. However, one particular type has been a subject of controversy in the recent past - sometimes called toxic mold or black mold. Although rare, these small molecular toxins can cause adverse health effects to some people. However, the effects or extent of health damage is yet to be substantiated by researchers. The bottom line is that all molds can affect your health when the mold spore concentration is high.

What Are the Signs of Mold?

Besides exhibiting respiratory symptoms, there are other ways you can tell if mold is hiding in your home or building. They include:

  • Visible mold on the walls, floor, ceiling, or furnishings.
  • A musty, earthy smell lingering in your space.
  • If you had water damage recently, and there were areas left moist for more than 24 to 48 hours.
  • Soggy or soft ceiling.

Benefits of Scheduling Mold Testing and Inspection

Finding Hidden Mold

Mold can sometimes be invisible. The moldy smell might be there but unaccompanied by visible signs. Mold tends to hide behind walls, ceilings, and other cavities. Our certified mold inspector in Garden City will come with tools to help identify whether, in fact, you're dealing with mold and locate the source.

Determining the Cause of Mold Growth

You might have a leaking roof or broken pipe that you might not be aware of. Mold testing will take the uncertainty out of the equation. Mold inspectors are equipped with a collection of equipment to perform different types of tasks. Most of them use moisture sensors/detectors that show precisely where the problem is.

Find Out the Extent of the Damage

If mold is left unaddressed for an extended period, it can compromise your home or business' structural integrity. A mold specialist will inspect your property from top to bottom to ascertain if the mold caused any damage and how bad it is.

After the inspection, the professional will advise on the safety precautions and the necessary steps for mold removal.

About Hippo Carpet Cleaning Garden City Mold Testing

Our comprehensive mold testing and inspection services range from:

  • Air sampling
  • Surface sampling
  • Moisture detection
  • Leak detection
  • Visual mold inspection

Our Garden City mold inspector will visit your home, inspect it for mold and water damage using specialized equipment. He will start with the common places where mold grows, then proceed to the hidden spots utilizing professional mold testing equipment. The same process applies when looking for the sources of moisture that are causing mold growth in your space.

We offer our services for:

  • Homes
  • Apartment complexes
  • Commercial buildings
  • Schools
  • Small and large corporations
  • Daycare facilities
  • Condominiums

Why Choose Hippo Carpet Cleaning Garden City

If you've been searching for mold inspection or mold testing, here's why you should let Hippo Carpet Cleaning Garden City handle your problem:

Proven Track Record

At Hippo Carpet Cleaning Garden City, we have been mold testing and inspecting homes and businesses for over ten years. Our experience and proficiency allow us to provide the best services possible. We honestly wouldn't be here if we were not delivering incredible results.

We are devoted to providing the best availability to all our clients, so we make sure that mold testing services are performed promptly. To ensure this, we work with O2 Mold Testing of Garden City, a professional mold testing company in the local area.

Experienced and Certified Mold Inspectors

We only hire dedicated, competent, and qualified people who share our core values: integrity and tireless pursuit of results.

Latest Equipment

We use advanced tools and techniques to ensure prompt and accurate evaluation of potential mold growth in your home and business.

" Everything was efficient from initial call to the final submission of the mold inspection report. The report was clearly written and was easy to understand. I recommend them as a highly reliable mold testing services in Garden City "

- Sophia O.
Take action today.Call us and schedule a cleaning session to make your home really shine! 516-500-3484

Mold Testing FAQ

Should You Perform Mold Testing While Buying a New Home?

When purchasing a property and you are sensitive to mold or seeing signs of mold, it is imperative to undergo a mold inspection. An inspector will do a standard mold inspection. Our mold specialists in Garden City will inspect the property for a mold exposure and will provide you with a thorough report with a quick turnaround time.

How Do Our Garden City Mold Inspectors Perform Mold Testing?

Hippo Carpet Cleaning Garden City will send a certified mold inspector to your home. First, they will assess if there are clear signs of mold or water damage. For this, they will utilize special equipment and begin in the places where mold commonly grows. Then, they inspect the hidden areas for mold and moisture by using professional testing devices. After inspection you will be provided with the mold remediation plan in case our specialists will suspect some mold signs.

Why Is It So Important to Order a Mold Inspection Service?

Mold and water damage can be a problem in your insulation, electrical wiring, and wooden structures at home. Mold testing can be one of the best steps to let you know you need to treat the mold problem to help prevent mold exposure. Mold inspectors can identify possible leaks or even hidden mold sources. Discovering these can help you keep your home mold-free and prevent the growth of mold.

Call us at 516-500-3484 to get started with our cost-effective services today!

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